The Management Team

Steve Anderson

The Age Diversity ForumThe Age Diversity Forum was founded by Steve Anderson. After raising the profile of Prime Candidate, an enterprise that brought together employers and employees, the Champion Age Diversity design has been taken to new levels through the Age Diversity Forum, the global hub for age diversity in the work-place.

Steve is the designer of the Champion Age Diversity philosophy, providing practical applications and pathways for employers to access the skills and experience they need, and The Age Diversity Forum is the custodian of the Champions Charter.

Drawing on deep and diverse organisation and resource experience, Steve’s ethos is to deliver the quality service all organisations expect to receive, and the hope and aspiration that every employee and candidate deserves. The Prime Candidate Service Division utilises unrivalled employability and matching techniques, derived from many years of successful positioning of individuals and teams.

The Age Diversity Forum has a reputation for quality, integrity and innovation, resulting from many years of building relationships with clients based on trust and mutual respect. We recognise that people are the most significant asset. Many organisations claim the same but fail on their promise. We take great care to develop close, long-term people relationships that are underpinned with a mutual trust and understanding.

Steve lobbies for equal employment opportunities for an age diverse workforce, and has held Board positions of the Chamber of Commerce where he championed regional and international business for development, sustainability and growth. Steve currently sits on the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board of the Institute of Coding, and is regularly sought after to contribute to the age diversity agenda through media and conference speaking. Steve is happy to receive requests to further the profile of the global challenges, and opportunities for organisation of all sectors and sizes to benefit. Steve is also a regular fund raiser for Breast Cancer charities.


Paul Owen, OBE

The Age Diversity Forum

For more than 20 years, Paul was a key figure in the British Olympic Committee, including the development of the Paralympic movement, and was recognised for his contributions to British Sport, with the award of an OBE in 2016. And now, as well as a board member of “Get Berkshire Active” and a successful stint as Interim CEO of the German School in Berkshire, Paul has now taken on a fresh challenge with the Age Diversity Forum.

Paul is passionate about equality and is prepared to stand up and be counted when he sees inequality and unfair situations. In particular, he has been a key advocate in taking forward the participation of women in canoeing and in developing the sport for people with a disability.

He is now applying all this experience to another area of discrimination, one that he has experienced personally “I have come across age discrimination when looking for a job to keep me going and I intend to challenge traditional attitudes by highlighting the positives of a diversified workforce, particularly by working with the Age Diversity Forum.” he explains.

Paul’s role with The Age Diversity Forum is working with organisations to identify the benefits and gains that can be made through employment of an age diverse work-force.





Pauline Hedges, MBE

The Age Diversity ForumPauline has a diverse and very interesting background that adds up to providing the knowledge and support that helps to resolve the objective of age diversity in the work-place.

Pauline spent 30 years working in the finance industry where she attained the honour of being the very first lady bank manager at TSB. Pauline then became the ‘voice’ for banks when residing in the PR role for the British Bankers Association for 7 years.

Taking that industry and working know-how, Pauline has been in great demand across Private, Public and Third sectors, to support and help businesses and policy makers create a fair and thriving environment for employees, whilst driving success and growth for hiring organisations.

Pauline was Head of Policy at the Chamber of Commerce, a time when she and Steve Anderson first met and worked on projects together, finding a natural understanding and sharing many common ideas.

Pauline has a great heritage in the Third sector environment as she was also Deputy Director for ChildLine during its initial stages. It is for this work, and more, over many years, that resulted in the richly deserved recognition in the 2017 New Years Honours list, where Pauline was awarded the MBE.

Pauline’s role with The Age Diversity Forum is working with organisations to identify the benefits and gains that can be made through employment of an age diverse work-force.



Paul Hinchcliffe

The Age Diversity ForumPaul joins The Age Diversity Forum following a career which, after qualifying as an accountant, led him into International Business Management across a range of sectors, including recruitment, aviation, lighting and education.

Paul also lectures at the University of West of England, specialising in economics, finance and accountancy, whilst also developing business links for the University.

Paul brings a vast knowledge of corporate governance and strategy that is a great asset to The Age Diversity Forum.