Champions for Older Workers

“Champion Age Diversity” is a great opportunity for employers to demonstrate their support for a balanced and age diverse workforce.”

Baroness Ros Altmann




Champion Age Diversity

Welcome to the home of Champions

The Age Diversity Forum is a Social Enterprise Global Hub to address the challenges and recognise the opportuntites of an age diverse work-force. The ‘Champions’ programme enhances employment opportunities as we engage employers to commit to critical ‘Champions’ beahaviour and actions.

Here’s a message from one of our Champions:

Awareness of the benefits of the older demographic resource is fast becoming recognised by many organisations. More and more companies are seeking to establish themselves as a committed employer for diversity, demonstrating those values, both for existing staff and to the outside world.

Such values are highly prized and now sought after in how business is transacted. Employers are fast becoming aware of the opportunity to trade and procure, coupled to social awareness. As a social enterprise, we offer a further route for businesses, to not just a valuable service provision of excellence that is economically viable, but for organisations to demonstrate their attitude towards enhancement of social economies that ultimately benefit everyone.

We are making great strides in raising awareness of the value and benefit that an experienced workforce can bring to an organisation, and it is with these great advocates….Champions….of a balanced, multi-generational work environment, that we believe we can make a tremendous difference to the global issues surrounding this demographic resource.

Why do we need Champions?

It’s a global issue, and the UK picture resonates across all continents. Approx. 1.5 million people aged 50-64 in the UK are involuntarily unemployed. They want to work but do not have the required support. Research says that if they were working, it could have a benefit to UK GDP of over £80 billion!

But this is a Global issue with no boundaries, so just think of the positive difference that can be made if we have International employers becoming ‘Champions’.

There are myths and perceptions in the employment market, such as, older workers take more time off sick, and that they cannot be up-skilled. In fact, according to recent research, older workers will have less short term sickness absence than their younger counterparts, and are just as capable of onward training.

What are we doing about it?

At The Age Diversity Forum, we dispel myths like those mentioned above, but we also promote the added value attributes of reliability, loyalty, courtesy and customer service that an older worker brings to an employer.

We also inform employers of other commercial benefits of an age diverse work-force. For example, on average, a younger worker will stay with a company for three years, but an older worker will give you at least 7 years loyalty. There are some basic funding factors here of reducing recruitment costs, but also the stability and continuity benefits of reduced staff turnover disruption.

Champion Age Diversity Members

The Champions membership is an accreditation achieved by an organisation who commit to reatining, retraining and recruiting an age diverse workforce.

A lack of age strategy, as well as negative bias and discrimination, is a Global issue, but employers are beginning to realize the value a multi-generational work-force can bring to their organisation. As well as the commercial benefits to the economy, and an individuals’ household, the potential benefit that can be achieved in the social community environment is limitless.

However, it’s not that it’s “just” discrimination that exists in the employment market, it’s the lack of awareness of the value and skills that age diversity can bring to an organisation. There is more and more evidence that age diversity offers added value attributes as well as technical competence skills. Attributes of reliability, loyalty and customer service qualities are now more positive traits sought by employers.

Champion members provide a wave of support and demonstration by employers who recognize the values of age diversity. To be a Champion, is to raise awareness on a formal and recognised scale that provides impetus and opportunity to make a difference to global age diversity.

Become a Champion – What you have to do

To become a Champion and take advantage of the member benefits, including the use of the Champions mark, we ask organisations and employers to commit, meet, and be accountable to a number of criteria and behaviours…you need to ensure your organisation:

  • has a clear age-diversity employment policy that is set out in your governing documents
  • seeks to retain an age diverse work-force, giving balance to technical and life-skill attributes
  • invests in your recruitment strategy to ensure you are able to access all demographics when considering the search to fulfil a new vacancy
  • will provide training, up-skilling and redeployment opportunities for all employees, whatever their age
  • facilitates an improved culture of awareness, to encourage all staff to integrate and recognise the range of values provided across all employees

Champions are very important to the employment cycle and economic success, and come in different shapes and sizes: they are local councils, private sector organisations, umbrella and trade organisations, charities and many, many others.

If you are already a ‘Champion’ in practice, and meet the above criteria, then join the ‘Champions’ membership to galvanise further support and awareness for the values and attributes that you benefit from now.

If you are not following the Champions guidelines at the moment, but want to seize the opportunity to realise the added value benefits provided by age diversity, then join the membership and go shoulder to shoulder with like-minded organisations.

How members benefit

All members benefit from:

  • Sharing best practice and know-how
  • A members icon to display Champions status
  • Support from Champions HQ
  • Listing on the Champions directory
  • Exclusive member events
  • Being involved in policy and campaign work to help grow the Champions awareness
  • Access to our Information & Support Service, answering your questions
  • Information, news, and sharing best practice
  • A programme of events including seminars and round-table workshops
  • Special recruitment packages
  • Support for policy integration
  • Networking and connections via our social media channels
  • Use of our logo on your job adverts, company website and promotional materials
  • Further opportunities to share your experiences by speaking at and hosting our events
  • Branding and sponsorship opportunities across our websites, communication channels, publications and social media
  • Sign-posting to other specialist services, including training and employability skills

Our members sign up to support age diversity in the work-place, and work with us to set the standards, so increasing public trust and confidence for more mature workers to find employment opportunities.

By providing an influential voice for members, through our policy and campaign activity, we ensure that the needs and views of older workers are heard by government – together with our members, we work to bring continuous improvement to removing barriers to employment.

Through on-line and digital networks, we enable members to share ideas and issues so they may become more effective and improve awareness across all sectors.

For our members we:

  • Regularly engage with Government and decision makers to ensure the views of older workers are heard in the age diversity agenda
  • Represent the views of multi-generational work-force employers to influence policy
  • Address widening participation, diversity and inclusion issues from early contact through to employment, retention, redeployment and outplacement
  • Work with other sector bodies on relevant issues for age diversity
  • Campaign on age diversity issues to achieve positive change

As a member you will be accountable to commit and sustain your positive approach and engagement, to provide a balanced employment environment that presents opportunities for older workers.

Become a Champion – Join now