The Age Diversity Forum is the custodian of Champion Age Diversity Day


#championagediversity  JUNE 11th 2020

‘Champion Age Diversity’ Day is a global day celebrating age diversity in the workplace. The day also marks a call to action to not overlook age diversity as part of the D&I agenda. A work environment of equal opportunities is an enabled workforce, how will you help forge a multi-generational world?

The day is to celebrate all age group achievement, raise awareness of barriers and bias, but to also recognise good practice.

Take action for equality and join in on Thursday. You can also register for our Champion day discussion, click the pic below to join the discussion.

And don’t forget to use the hashtag!!



#championagediversity JUNE 11th 2020!

Why is it important?

The Forum is the global hub for age diversity in the work-place, and is a practical approach to ensure that organisations achieve the benefits and values of an age diverse work-force.

The business case for diversity is more prominent, but unfortunately, there continues to be challenges in breaking down barriers of age bias in the employment arena. Whether that is in the form of: negative bias, unconscious or otherwise; a lack of opportunity for employers to access key skills and talent; poor retention and retraining programmes; or for policy support requirements.

No industry sector is immune to these challenges, and none are restricted by geography. We are a unique organisation with a vision for inclusion, to remove barriers through an application of practical service and best practice, achieved together with our ‘Champions’.

We are raising the awareness of the values and benefits that an age diverse work-force can bring to organisations, of all size and sector. More companies now recognise the improved performance impact, and are seeking to establish themselves as a committed employer for diversity, demonstrating those values, both for their internal landscape, as well as to external partners and wider communities.

As it is for LGBT, gender and BAME, it is wrong, unjust and illegal to discriminate against age. Join our Champion advocacy and achieve the values and benefits

We are celebrating Age Diversity in the work-force on June 11th. Please use the hash-tag hashtag championagediversity to raise awareness. We would also love to hear from you, whether it’s to highlight an employment barrier or a positive message of how you and your organisation value an age diverse workforce. This information is important to help the purpose of removing age bias from the employment environment.

Record a short video on your phone and send it to us, or download and print one of the signs below and send the photo in to us. Please send your comments/stories/pictures/videos to  .




Show your support with the Champions sign

Click the appropriate signs and print, and have a photo taken with you and/or your team to display the recognition you have for the value of an age diverse workforce.

Email your picture to us, and we will display it on our website and through our media channels, providing additional market exposure for your organisation.

email your picture to: [email protected]