We were very pleased to speak at a recent tax conference held at the Institute of Accounting Headquarters in Central London. Organised by Hansuke Consulting, it was a visionary step to have diversity and inclusion as part of the technical tax discussions for financial services. As such, it was refreshing to speak to individuals and organisations who may not consider challenges and opportunities of diversity in their daily working lives.

Hansuke is a specialist financial services consulting firm that serves leading businesses, governments, non-governmental organisations, and not-for-profits, helping clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realise their most important goals. Hansuke leads with diversity and inclusion as a core value to its corporate social responsibilities, to excel within its own workforce environments as well as with external partner and customer relations.

“Diversity and tax are principally about fairness and so have a lot in common.” Henry Irving, Hansuke

And Hansuke recognise that diversity and inclusion is not just a local or regional issue. Due to its global nature and reach, supporting a broad mix of businesses, governments, non-governmental organisations, and not-for-profits across the world, from Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, best practice is designed to operate as one, united by a strong set of values, focused on delivering exceptional service.

What does Hansuke mean? Hansuke is a Japanese name derived from two words: ‘han’, which means ‘companion’, and ‘suke’, which means ‘help or assist’. Together it translates as very helpful friend: (HAHN-soo-keh). The whole conference embodied this spirit and ambition to improve understanding and performance through inclusive practice.

The conference included a packed line-up of specialist speakers, panellists and thought leaders, providing a forum for an exciting event that brought a breadth and depth of insightful and thought-provoking discussion. Notable keynote speakers included Paul Hondius, Policy Advisor at OECD’s Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, David Smith, Senior Tax Policy Lead on DAC6 implementation, James Marshall, Exchange of Information Policy Lead at HMRC, as well as our own CEO, Steve Anderson.

#championagediversityTo advance financial services firms’ understanding of meeting regulatory authorities’ expectations, specialists from EBRD, Credit Suisse and M&G Prudential provided analysis of recent changes to tax architecture. Leaders from IBM and WTS Global also explored the rapidly evolving field of Tax Technology Innovation, as well as imminent developments and implementation of transfer pricing.

Specialists from Hansuke addressed challenges to rising tax evasion and money laundering risks, as well as Qualified Intermediary compliance and the challenges that sophisticated requirements propose for Reporting Officers. We also heard expert advice on VAT deductions for financial services from HMRC, as well as latest developments regarding withholding tax law from first ranked professionals at WTS Global.

As mentioned, alongside, these technical elements of tax in financial services, time was introduced to, dive into a powerful panel discussion on inclusion and diversity, where, alongside Steve Anderson, business leaders from BlackRock and the London Tax Society discussed opportunities that inclusion can give for retention, recruitment and continued professional development.

Hansuke Facilitator, Henry Irving, commented: “Diversity and tax are principally about fairness and so have a lot in common. The Diversity Panel went beyond articulating that diversity is a good thing and focussed on practical ways that tax policy and its implementation can promote diversity, how a diverse tax profession can help businesses take the right tax planning decisions and enhances the representativeness of business, and how businesses can proactively implement visible diversity and diversity of thought.”

Hansuke extend its values by being conscious of the connection and interdependency between business and society, recognising and embracing its responsibilities as a socially aware firm and taking socially responsible leadership in their profession.

And in its own workplace environment, Hansukes’ core business aim is to deliver exceptional service to their clients. By investing in inclusive practice, to attract, maintain and develop the most talented and committed people, Hansuke take pride in fostering high trust and building high performing teams in order to nurture and actualise their full potential.

We are regular contributors to specifically tailored, diversity media and events, but we also hope that other industry sectors take note of the success of the Hansuke tax conference, where challenges and opportunities transcend to a wider group of organisations and individuals.

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