PRESS RELEASE: Change of behaviour must work in tandem with fiscal package

Responding to the Chancellors economic statement of July 8th, Steve Anderson, CEO at the Age Diversity Forum, said: “We believe the stimulus package is wide ranging and supportive of many sectors and groups to encourage an economic bounce back. However, we would like to hear more about inclusion, as a positive attribute to be considered by employers, including the values and benefits of multi-generational inter-sectional workplaces.

Bringing together skills, know-how and experience from all generational groups, creates broader and deeper thinking. Such an approach offers opportunity for innovation and development, that can create upturn in productivity and performance. Couple that energy with digital skills for all, and there is a strong force to not only sustain existing sectors, but to create the jobs of the near and far future.

We appreciate the focus to the younger group, but it must be not be to the detriment of other age groups. Please do not overlook the positive and productive impact that our older working population can offer…whether that’s through technical competence, experience, mentoring, coaching and drive…all age groups have much to offer. Such integration will also have the ripple effect on social impact, including improved well-being and local community economies. So, it was good to hear that there is an employer premium for staff retention and that apprenticeships are for everyone, whatever your age.

And as beneficial as a fiscal package can be, success and progress is also about behaviours and culture, and we urge organisations and employers to recognise the values of the retention of key multi-generational skills, whilst adopting widening participation strategy when recruiting. And to that end we would welcome the Chancellor to continue to raise awareness of how inclusion can, not just be the ‘right thing to do’, but that there is a business case that actually gives competitive edge, to boost performance so creating a more sustainable and innovative economy.”

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