“I am delighted to be supporting such a great initiative. The over 50’s have the skill, experience and reliability that so many businesses highly value.”

John Penrose, MP





We Champion Age Diversity

The Age Diversity Forum is a Social Enterprise organisation working to enhance age diversity in the workplace, with our ‘Champion Age Diversity’ membership programme at the heart of our employer engagement programme.

We designed ‘Champion Age Diversity’, under the custodianship of Prime Candidate, which now resides as the employability division of The Age Diversity Forum. Founded in 2015, the social enterprise has evolved and developed, to where the Forum is now the recognised global hub for age diversity in the work-place. The core delivery is built on a practical approach to ensure that organisations achieve the benefits and values of an age diverse work-force.

The Age Diversity Forum provides a range of values, benefits and services to support the strategic diversity agenda for organisations, whilst aiding employee development, and giving hope and aspiration to those looking to return to employment.

There are other organisations who say they operate like a Social Enterprise, but you can be sure that The Age Diversity Forum, accredited and certified by Social Enterprise UK, work to provide support, guidance and jobs for all, whatever the age group, whilst partnering with employers to ensure that their business is enriched with qualities and skills to help development and growth within their business.

As a Social Enterprise, we recognise the social and community benefits of driving employment equality, and we lobby and seek influence for continuous improvement for diversity and inclusion in employment opportunities.

We are raising the awareness of the values and benefits that an age diverse work-force can bring to organisations, of all size and sector. More companies now recognise the improved performance impact, and are seeking to establish themselves as a committed employer for diversity, demonstrating those values, both for their internal landscape, as well as to external partners and wider communities.

Such values are highly prized, and now sought after in how business is transacted. Employers are fast becoming aware of the opportunity to trade and procure, coupled to social awareness. As a social enterprise, we offer a further route for organisations to demonstrate their attitude towards corporate social responsibility.

We work with Central and regional Government bodies, for example, our Prime Candidate employability service Division is a registered service provider for the Department of Work and Pensions JobCentrePlus network across the whole of the UK, and the Champion Age Diversity mark has been utilised by regional government authorities as a peer alongside the UK Governments Disability Confident programme.


Working with Job Seekers and Employers

We know the value and important role that the experienced and skilled age group can offer the work place, and we work with employers and individuals to optimise the values and benefits of an age diverse workforce.

Employers benefit from:

  • Quality attributes of experience, reliability, loyalty, ethics, communication
  • Technical competence and know-how
  • Dedicated staff ready to train and up-skill
  • Accelerating business development
  • Plugging skills gaps
  • Affordable and sustainable recruiting
  • Achieving Age Diversity and CSR objectives

Job seekers benefit from:

  • Employers who value life-skills and quality attributes
  • Employers who value experience and know-how
  • Access to roles that are specifically for you
  • Recognition and reward for your knowledge and application
  • Training and advice to be ’employee ready’
  • Employment transition support
  • No fees at all – a totally free service
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