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5February, 2020

Age Diversity for a Happy, Healthy and Thriving Workforce

February 5th, 2020|Categories: News|

Click the image for the video There are many positive reasons to have an age diverse workforce, where there is a mix of maturity, experience, enthusiasm and freshness. Businesses have found that it encourages creativity and innovation, provides for a greater understanding of their customer base, and improves the reputation of the brand (whether that’s local, regional, national or global). It also sets an opportunity for mentoring to support colleagues’ personal and professional development. And importantly, it promotes a positive and happy company culture, where all staff are valued, and have the same opportunities for training, progression and development to improve their skills, regardless of their age and experience. Click the pic to the right to hear the Age Diversity Forums Partnership Manager, Jill Cowles, talk about how  age diversity values can be the foundations for a thriving and more productive workforce   Jill Cowles | Partnership Manager | [...]

3February, 2020

Finding edyn

February 3rd, 2020|Categories: News|

edyn Group is Europe’s pioneering provider of lifestyle-led serviced studios and apartments, offering the modern traveller a better way to stay. A visionary business pushing the boundaries of modern travel, edyn Group comprises a collection of successful, growing hospitality brands including SACO, Locke, The Moorgate and Wittenberg. edyn continues to question convention and seek out better ways to do things.  These principles lie at the very heart of edyn from the inside out, across the group’s properties, people and culture. Di Gwinnell | HR Director Di Gwinnell, Group HR Director, edyn Group explains: “Our business is nothing more than bricks, mortar, activity, processes and systems. What really matters, what makes our business and our brands so distinctive, what ties it all together, is our people. It’s us, how we work together, what we believe, how we behave and all that wonderful diversity of experience and perspective that allow us to build [...]

29January, 2020

Age Diversity for Apprenticeships

January 29th, 2020|Categories: News|

Age Diversity for Apprenticeships For many businesses, apprenticeships have long been part of their recruitment strategy as they are an ideal way of bringing people into the workplace who benefit from learning on the job whilst earning a wage. Click the pic above for the video Whilst they are nothing new, employers are increasingly recognising that apprenticeships are not only a great way to train people who are joining the workforce for the first time, but they are equally good for people joining an industry sector who are coming from a different career background. This is in no small measure due to there being a wider selection than ever before of apprenticeship qualifications on offer that cover many different business and industry sectors, with standards being set by employers in the sectors. The fact that the qualifications range from Intermediate (Level 2, GCSE equivalent), Advanced (Level 3, A [...]

27January, 2020

The Age Diversity Forum working with the Institute of Coding

January 27th, 2020|Categories: News|

We would like to share the latest Institute of Coding (IoC) newsletter (ICON) with you, as it not only brings you their latest news, but The Age Diversity Forum is featured in this months’ release! Our CEO, Steve Anderson, sits on the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board for the IoC, and as an organisation, we work closely across the programme, to not only address current skills challenges, but to also provide sustainable solutions for industry, and educators. We need to challenge ourselves to understand the barriers people and businesses face. With the IoC, we have developed a National Strategy for Diversity and Inclusion, and together, we have aims for inclusion, diversity and widening participation, with objectives and cultures to achieve successful outcomes. The IoC’s view of the industry shows that neither the learner cohort, or the workforce, is sufficiently diverse or inclusive in the digital sector. It also shows that [...]

22January, 2020

Age Diversity for Knowledge Transfer

January 22nd, 2020|Categories: News|

Here's a video from the the 'Postcard Series' from The Age Diversity Forum - Age Diversity for Knowledge Transfer. The Age Diversity Forums' Partnership Manager, Jill Cowles, discusses how mentoring and knowledge sharing enables a more inclusive culture as well as enhancing corporate structuring opportunities for development and succession. For more information, please contact Jill at:  [email protected]