9 September, 2020

The Value of Experience in the Nuclear Industry

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We are pleased to welcome guest writers to The Age Diversity Forum, and Zoe Stollard is becoming a regular contributor! Here, Zoe, a Partner at Clarke Willmott since 2014, specialising in Construction and Green Energy, discusses her thoughts on the value of experience in the nuclear industry, as part of the drive to increase diversity and inclusivity. We thank Zoe for sharing this outlook, as it confirms what we hear on a daily basis, that there is no industry sector immune to the challenges, or the opportunities for organisations to benefit from diversity in the work-place. The Value of Experience in the Nuclear Industry The civil nuclear industry employs over 63,000 people in the United Kingdom with some commentators predicting the need to increase this number significantly to build and operate the planned new nuclear power stations. Civil nuclear contributes more than £6 billion to the UK economy and is [...]

16 July, 2020

Avoiding the Scrap Heap?

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At the Age Diversity Forum, we welcome guest presenters, and today is such a day, where we are delighted to share a new article from Tony Williams….I should say that we see Tony as very much part of the ADF family rather than a guest! Tony has had a forty-year corporate career across various industries, including hospitality, retail, consulting, telecommunications and financial services, and in a number of functions, but primarily project and programme management.  Prior to concluding his corporate career, Tony led the creation of the Midlife Forum in Barclays plc. Tony now offers his services as an experienced coach and is working on a number of other personal projects. Tony and I have regular ‘zoom-type’ discussions, and Tony has an uncanny quality of shining a light on some of life’s key questions. This is another example, and I would encourage all organisation leaders to consider this opportunity to [...]

9 July, 2020

PRESS RELEASE: Change of behaviour must work in tandem with fiscal package

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PRESS RELEASE: Change of behaviour must work in tandem with fiscal package Responding to the Chancellors economic statement of July 8th, Steve Anderson, CEO at the Age Diversity Forum, said: “We believe the stimulus package is wide ranging and supportive of many sectors and groups to encourage an economic bounce back. However, we would like to hear more about inclusion, as a positive attribute to be considered by employers, including the values and benefits of multi-generational inter-sectional workplaces. Bringing together skills, know-how and experience from all generational groups, creates broader and deeper thinking. Such an approach offers opportunity for innovation and development, that can create upturn in productivity and performance. Couple that energy with digital skills for all, and there is a strong force to not only sustain existing sectors, but to create the jobs of the near and far future. We appreciate the focus to the younger group, but [...]

11 June, 2020

Emptying the Waiting Room?

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As part of ‘Champion Age Diversity Day’, we are very pleased to welcome a guest article from Tony Williams. Tony has had a forty year corporate career across a number of industries, including hospitality, retail, consulting, telecommunications and financial services, and in a number of functions, but primarily project and programme management.  Prior to concluding his corporate career, Tony led the creation of the Midlife Forum in Barclays plc. Tony now offers his services as an experienced coach and is working on a number of other personal projects. I asked Tony to share his thoughts re some of the challenges, and bias, towards age diversity. With an engaging style, this article is succinct, and really hits home some of the bias that exists in the working environment. But it also highlights opportunities missed by organisations, to retain talent that will add significant value in crisis. Steve Anderson | CEO | [...]

11 June, 2020

It takes a range of different people to build something amazing

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In the technical world of finance and tax, it is warming to see diversity and inclusion at the forefront of consideration to improve opportunities for everyone in the industry, whilst showcasing it as a positive career choice for anyone. We see such thought leadership in this area in our Champion partners, Hansuke, and the ITR (International Tax Review), who recently collaborated at a jointly held technical conference at ICAEW headquarters in London, but ensured time was given to the inclusion agenda. On this ‘Champion Age Diversity Day’, I’m very pleased that Anjana Haines, Managing Editor of ITR, shares a recent inclusion piece from ITR….an editorial for which I was very happy to participate. Steve Anderson | CEO |The Age Diversity Forum Anjana Haines | Managing Editor | ITR Diversity in tax: Growing together There is an abundance of talented and inspirational individuals in the tax sector, but not [...]

29 April, 2020

The Skills Toolkit

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The Age Diversity Forum is an outreach partner for the UK’s Institute of Coding (IoC), and our CEO, Steve Anderson sits on the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board. The IoC mission is to break down barriers to digital learning and employment, with learning as a lifelong process where everyone has a right to improve their skills. Yesterday, the UK Government (@educationgovuk) launched ‘The Skills Toolkit’, a new online learning platform that focusses on the skills employers need by giving people easy access to free, high-quality courses in digital and numeracy. Find out more at #TheSkillsToolkit Boosting the nation’s digital skills is a first step towards recovery Digital and numeracy skills are amongst those that are most sought after by employers. Such skills can also help employees progress in their work-place, as well as boosting job prospects of those seeking a return to work. Digital skills can be anything from [...]

15 April, 2020

Age Diversity – the Employment Lifecycle

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The business case for diversity is more prominent, but unfortunately, there continues to be challenges in breaking down barriers of age bias in the employment arena. Whether that is in the form of: negative bias, unconscious or otherwise; a lack of opportunity for employers to access key skills and talent; poor retention and retraining programmes; or for policy support requirements. No industry sector is immune to these challenges, and none are restricted by geography. Many businesses and organisations are now planning their strategies for sustainability and growth, considering a full and balanced view of the resource market, that includes: recruitment without bias, across all age groups; and a plan that is structured with training and development opportunities for all employees. When companies began jumping on the diversity and inclusion (D&I) bandwagon en masse in the late 80s and early 90s, it seemed a natural extension of affirmative action and equal opportunity [...]

26 March, 2020

Instinctive Culture

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Don’t walk by …. Walking by can lead to a shallower path that may never be fulfilled whatever ‘more’ is made, so stop to bend…and lend a hand. We are often asked how to bridge generations, how to be more inclusive, and we have significant provision scope to support organisations at whatever stage of their journey. With the challenges we are all experiencing now, it would be (more than) useful to consider, and in time, reflect on, some fundamental lessons. Join forces to mitigate and defend - in the business sense, ensure staff have the tools to perform well, structure training and encourage integrated teamwork. Such an approach provides improved retention and loyalty to optimise output. Share inclusive values across your supply chain and external partners, improving standards and achieving better value-for-money services. Collaborate to innovate and develop - encourage integrated working to share and distribute know-how, knowledge and experience, [...]

9 March, 2020

Age Diversity for Lifelong Learning – Lifelong Learning for Age Diversity

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It wasn’t that long ago that alarm bells were being rung, that not only were students studying for degrees that would be out-of-date by the time they graduated, but they could well find themselves applying for jobs that didn’t even exist when they became students. This dilemma is no longer confined to further education students, but to school pupils as well, when choosing their study options. The World Economic Forum estimates that two thirds of children who started school in 2016 will eventually be employed in jobs that do not yet exist. “different views, opinions and approaches of a multi-generational workforce can invigorate the workplace and foster a new environment of creativity and problem solving“ This raises the challenge of how to help young people gain the necessary skills for the ever-changing workplace, but it actually extends to all generations. The idea of a career for life has long since [...]

4 March, 2020

POSTCARD SERIES – Age Diversity to Reflect your Customers

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Another from our Postcard Series..... Here, our Partnership Manager, Jill, talks about the values to an organisation, of reflecting the customer base, to ensure the supply of products and services align to the demand. A simple and fundamental aspect of business, but one that we find to be regularly overlooked, particularly when considering the global mega-trend of a changing demographic of populations living longer,and healthier. To consider and develop an age diverse workforce that reflects your market, adds value and performance to your business. Click the pic below. Find out more: [email protected] Click to watch and listen