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10June, 2019

Social Value with the Age Diversity Forum

June 10th, 2019|Categories: News|

For those of you that don’t know, we are a not-for-profit social enterprise, accredited by Social Enterprise UK (SEUK). The SEUK do great work in raising the profile and awareness of social enterprise and social value. Social value extends in to practical business improvement opportunities via areas such as procurement processes and supply chains. Our goals are to remove bias from the employment arena, to promote best practice and support organisations to attain the benefits and values of an age diverse workforce. To achieve such goals has a positive and progressive impact to business performance, corporate social responsibilities, and diversity and inclusion objectives. It also instils workplace values as well as enhancing well-being in individuals and communities. Seven years ago, Social Enterprise UK helped get the Social Value Act passed through Parliament, placing an obligation on public bodies to think about the wider social and environmental impact of the services [...]

22May, 2019

Assigning a Chief Diversity Officer doesn’t fix an inclusion issue

May 22nd, 2019|Categories: News|

Once again, we are grateful for article contributions, this time from Gurinder Ahluwalia, co-Founder and CEO of 280 CapMarkets. Here Gurinder describes a common challenge, where Chief Diversity Officers, quite often have a ‘day-job’ too. It’s great that organisations recognise and appoint internal network sponsors, but perhaps some external support and provision would enable and enhance their efforts to create a more productive and progressive working environment. Over to Gurinder…. “We hear a lot about diversity, equality and inclusion, and with good reason. Our society has come a long way, but more needs to be done for the American workforce to truly reflect the multicultural makeup of America. Despite the nationwide push for enhancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the financial advice industry is one of the least diverse fields. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that only 5% of the 537,000 Americans employed as personal financial advisers [...]

24April, 2019

The High Cost of Ageism in the Workplace

April 24th, 2019|Categories: News|

You will see from our ‘News & Views’ section that together with our own content and information, we invite external contributions, and this piece comes from Leah Kinthaert, who wrote this for LeadersIn.  Our CEO, Steve Anderson, was very pleased to be asked to contribute by Leah, who is a great advocate for D&I with wider interests including digital transformation and sustainability. In a New York Times article late last year, Marci Alboher described the situation that many older Americans are finding themselves in: “I hear a lot from people over 50, even over 45, who are doing all the right things but still not finding successful midlife transitions. Ageism is rampant — and internalized, with midlifers questioning our own ability to succeed in a world where youth is prized. And while there are many new offerings to help people make late-career transitions, moving into an encore career still requires an immense [...]

11April, 2019

Combatting Ageism in the Workplace

April 11th, 2019|Categories: News|

7 Reasons You Want To Actively Recruit And Hire These Employees Now When companies began jumping on the diversity and inclusion (D&I) bandwagon en masse in the late 80s and early 90s, it seemed a natural extension of affirmative action and equal opportunity programs. Over time, company D&I slogans moved from diversity being the “right thing to do” to diversity “being good for business.” Company leaders began to recognize the importance of creating an employee culture that reflected their customer base and community. And, while age has been a protected category since the passage of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) in 1967, it has not, generally speaking, been at the forefront of D&I strategy. While D&I programs have moved the needle in the significant areas of race, gender and sexual orientation, ageism has been relegated to the side-lines. As a result, age prejudice has seeped into the workplace. [...]

28February, 2019

Why the nuclear industry needs more diversity

February 28th, 2019|Categories: News|

We are pleased to welcome guest writers to The Age Diversity Forum, and we thank Zoe Stollard, Partner at UK law firm Clarke Willmott,for sharing this outlook on the nuclear industry. It confirms what we hear on a daily basis, that there is no industry sector immune to the challenges, or the opportunities for organisations to benefit from diversity in the work-place. Over to Zoe…. There is increasing belief that businesses and organisations which are diverse in their makeup are likely to be successful. A report by consultancy firm McKinsey & Company indicated that diverse companies are 15 per cent likely to outperform competitors, which could add £150bn to the UK economy on an annual basis. Businesses that actively recruit, promote and encourage diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity, age and skills at all levels in their organisation are more likely to generate a more cohesive, attractive, balanced and dynamic business [...]

27February, 2019

Age and work – do we care enough?

February 27th, 2019|Categories: News|

Tricia O’Neill is Head of Occupational Health & Wellbeing and H&S Education and Competence, at Skanska UK plc. Tricia writes passionately about the values of an age diverse work-force and we thank Tricia for allowing us to share this piece with you.  Age and work – do we care enough? A person’s ‘workability’ depends on many factors such as their health and functional capacity(physical and mental), competence, their values and attitudes, motivation, work demands, people they work with and how they are managed as well as the work environment . Age is just another dimension. There is a culture and perhaps a mindset that in UK plc that workers over a certain age are not interested in developing new skills, trying new roles and are basically winding down. How wrong they are. People stay in the workplace much longer than previous generations sometimes it is due to financial reasons such as lack of [...]