Here’s the latest in the ‘Postcard’ video series from The Age Diversity Forum – Age Diversity enriches your supply chain.

Here, Jill, the lead partnership manager at the Age Diversity Forum, discusses how a focus towards age diversity, can provide for a more dynamic and positive influence on the supply chain. Jill shares her own experience of working in organizations where extending social values as a new standard in the procurement process, encourages creative and rewarding outcomes…as well as offering better value-for-money products and services.

Bringing your diversity values in to the supply chain also offers the opportunity to further highlight your organization as an inclusive and considerate working environment. And by doing so, presenting the organization as a great place to work, and a great organization to do business with. So, again, meeting the demands of modern business, that addressing age diversity in the work-place, adds real commercial benefit to the business case.

We’ll be showcasing the Age Diversity Forums ‘Postcard’ series here each week, so please keep ’em peeled for more!

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