The Age Diversity Forum is an outreach partner for the UK’s Institute of Coding (IoC), and our CEO, Steve Anderson sits on the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board. The IoC mission is to break down barriers to digital learning and employment, with learning as a lifelong process where everyone has a right to improve their skills.

Yesterday, the UK Government (@educationgovuk) launched The Skills Toolkit’, a new online learning platform that focusses on the skills employers need by giving people easy access to free, high-quality courses in digital and numeracy. Find out more at #TheSkillsToolkit

Boosting the nation’s digital skills is a first step towards recovery

Digital and numeracy skills are amongst those that are most sought after by employers. Such skills can also help employees progress in their work-place, as well as boosting job prospects of those seeking a return to work. Digital skills can be anything from using social media and staying safe online, to coding, programming or digital marketing.

So, why is it important to improve your digital skills?

  • Digital skills are valuable and sought after for all kinds of jobs
  • 82% of all job vacancies require digital skills [1]
  • Roles requiring digital skills pay 29% more than those that don’t [2]
  • In recent years, the number of digital jobs grew almost three times as quickly as other occupations [3]

We know the current lock-down has made life very difficult for many workers, but perhaps it also provides an opportunity to build upon existing skill sets and discover new talents.

The UKs Department for Education (DfE) launch of the new online learning platform, is designed to help boost the nation’s skills while people are staying at home. The Skills Toolkit includes a range of programmes, as a result of collaboration with the IoC.

In addition to the IoC’s contribution, the platform offers a range of courses at all levels, from introductory to advanced, which were chosen in consultation with leading industry businesses and educational experts.

The programme is open to everyone, whether they have recently been furloughed and want to learn new skills, are out of work and looking to build up their CV, or if they’re just keen to keep their mind healthy and busy during time spent at home.

Focussing on the skills many employers need the most, The Skills Toolkit is a first step towards recovery, helping to boost the nation’s growth and productivity.

#championagediversityKey Messages for Employers:

  • Boosting the nation’s digital skills is a first step towards recovery, helping people build up the skills employers need and boosting growth and productivity
  • The Skills Toolkit focusses on the skills employers need, giving people easy access to free, high quality courses in digital and numeracy
  • This is good opportunity to give people a taster of online learning, helping you to deliver effective in-work training in future
  • The Skills Toolkit could help you support and develop your furloughed employees, workers are allowed to learn new skills in their own time if they choose to? You can now support them in their professional development and personal well-being by sharing The Skills Toolkit
  • You can help support the well-being of your employees during this difficult time using The Skills Toolkit

The IoC is proud to be part of The Skills Toolkit, a new @educationgovuk online platform that gives  access to free, high quality courses to help develop skills in digital and numeracy. Please take the opportunity to review what skills packages are available for your business and your staff, and take a collective step towards boosting economic recovery.

Find out more at #TheSkillsToolkit