edyn Group is Europe’s pioneering provider of lifestyle-led serviced studios and apartments, offering the modern traveller a better way to stay. A visionary business pushing the boundaries of modern travel, edyn Group comprises a collection of successful, growing hospitality brands including SACO, Locke, The Moorgate and Wittenberg.

edyn continues to question convention and seek out better ways to do things.  These principles lie at the very heart of edyn from the inside out, across the group’s properties, people and culture.


Di Gwinnell | HR Director

Di Gwinnell, Group HR Director, edyn Group explains:

“Our business is nothing more than bricks, mortar, activity, processes and systems. What really matters, what makes our business and our brands so distinctive, what ties it all together, is our people. It’s us, how we work together, what we believe, how we behave and all that wonderful diversity of experience and perspective that allow us to build Soulful Hospitality into everything we do.

Our values are based around the courage to; question, evolve and be human, and they have been created and defined by our people. Our values shape the way we work and the decisions we take every day and this is why we chose to partner with the Age Diversity Forum (ADF). We recognised the need to expand our recruiting managers concepts about the ‘ideal candidate’ they were searching for to join their team.

ADF Partnership Manager, Jill Cowles spent time with our managers, helping build greater sensitivity and awareness to recruiting with a lens of age diversity. We reviewed the ‘type’ of skills and experiences we really need to deliver soulful hospitality – understanding that the individual, who they are and how they connect with other humans is far more important than their past skills, experience and line of work. “

Contact Jill: [email protected]