Steve Anderson, Founder of Prime Candidate says: “We’re delighted to have Sir David as a Champion for Older Workers. Age Diversity in the workplace is becoming increasingly important to enrich businesses with the qualities and experience this demographic can bring to an organisation. This largely untapped resource can add great benefits to an employer. ”

Sir David said: “I am extremely happy to be supporting and raising awareness of the ‘Champions Charter’. Harnessing the skills and experience of the more mature worker back in to the work environment will have an immense positive impact to social and commercial communities. The livelihoods of individuals and families will be enhanced, whilst businesses will survive and thrive, driving improved benefit to our region and the wider UK economy.”

David Amess was born in 1952 in East London to James and Maud, who turned 100 in May 2012. He graduated with a BSc in Economics from Bournemouth College of Technology in 1974. Following this, he worked a junior school teacher and then in accountancy and recruitment. David was a Councillor in the London Borough of Redbridge from 1982-1986.

David was first elected to Parliament to represent Basildon in 1983, and then stood for election in Southend West in 1997. He has been an active MP in Parliament, sponsoring bills including the Pet Animals Bill in 1990, the Abortion (Amendment) Bill in 1996-7 and the Warm Homes Bill, which passed in to law in December 2000. With 30 years’ experience in Parliament, David often chairs debates in the House of Commons as a Member of the Chairman’s Panel. He is also a member of the Backbench Business Committee, which determines, on behalf of backbench Members of Parliament, the business that will come before the House on days allocated by the Government. On top of this, David is also a long-standing Vice-Chair of the Industry and Parliament Trust. David is passionate about animal welfare and pro-life issues.

David lives in Southend with his wife Julia and their five children. His favourite charities are the Fairhaven and St. Luke’s Hospices and the Salvation Army. He enjoys reading, writing, sports and gardening.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Champions Charter is a wave of support by employers who recognise the values of an age diverse workforce. To be a Champion, is to raise awareness on a formal and recognised scale that provides impetus and benefit for businesses who offer equal opportunities. Members benefit from the Charter values and are able to display the ‘Champions’ mark in recognition of their commitment to a multi-generational work-force.